Unlocking growth through future-focused infrastructure

The alliance will stimulate at least $500m and up to $900m of sustainable construction activity across urban and regional New Zealand and through immediate skilled employment. The strategy will support post-COVID-19 recovery and build a long-term strategic domestic and export industry with deep cross-sector economic multiplier effects. ​

The move to electric will save $200m in operating costs over 20 years for the public in Auckland alone (including accounting for capital costs and charging infrastructure).

The project helps to protect, sustain and develop the NZ boat building industry and creates new high skill jobs across several regions in NZ including Whangarei, Auckland, Tauranga, Whanganui and Christchurch.

In Tauranga, the region’s economic development agency has been pursuing the establishment of a new ferry service and believes green ferries could form part of the way forward.

Progressing this greenfields development on sustainable foundations will demonstrate New Zealand’s commitment to a low carbon future. Together these projects will transform passenger experiences, create high-quality sustainable employment, drive economic growth and establish New Zealand as a world leader in a high-profile green technology niche.​