Leading the way to a carbon-zero future

Auckland and Tauranga have joined many cities worldwide in declaring a climate emergency. Auckland Council has committed both itself and its region to halving GHG emissions by 2030. The Government aims for New Zealand to be carbon zero by 2050. ​

The GHG reductions required to achieve these commitments will not be achievable uniformly across the economy. Transport will need to make much larger reductions to compensate for the limitations of others. ​

Tauranga does not currently have a ferry service. Local authorities have identified ferries as attractive and sustainable transport options and have been working towards this prior to COVID-19. ​

​Auckland has an established ferry service, but the fleet delivering the AT contracted ferry services is comprised of ageing vessels. With an average age in excess of 20 years, many vessels are at or approaching the end of their economic life and need replacing urgently.​

The Alliance seeks to:​

  • Deliver on the Government’s climate action objectives by directly removing CO2 emissions and being zero-carbon by 2050​
  • Offer a unique economic benefit in significantly reducing the long-term operating and maintenance costs compared to traditional diesel vessels​
  • Save Auckland over $200m (including accounting for capital costs and charging infrastructure) and reduces Auckland’s GHG emissions by 500,000 tonnes over 20 years​
  • Provide a less intrusive application in the natural environment than diesel​
  • Establish a world-class service experience for consumers improving wellbeing, liveability and safety​
  • Normalise low-carbon solutions in an otherwise high-carbon sector.​