Delivering cutting-edge maritime technology

The project offers world leading, unique technology solutions for fast ferries and an elevated travelling experience in the public transport system, helping to drive mode shift towards public and active modes.​

Fullers360 and EV Maritime have spent two years investing in developing the design, application and feasibility for a new generation of sustainable marine transportation.

The alliance is committed to advancing future focused technology and the use of alternative fuel sources, harnessing the power of electric and hydrogen.

EV Maritime is ensuring future ferry systems will be more intelligent, more connected and more responsive than ever before. Real-time two-way data feeds between vessels and shore will enable fleet management, centralised technical support, driver monitoring, automated dynamic and responsive scheduling and ultimately support development of autonomy for safer, more efficient transport systems. Through the careful collation and transfer of data, these enhancements can be rolled-out gradually and carefully over time as the supporting networks and systems are developed, ensuring the vessels built today are ready to be integrated with the technology of tomorrow.​

An artist's impression of the planned redevelopment of Queens Wharf to accommodate more ferry services.