A green ferry future for New Zealand and the world


A green ferry future for New Zealand and the world

Imagine a city where getting from getting around no longer erodes the environment or harms precious sea life. We have imagined this journey, and it starts with an alliance. ​​We’ve imagined a world for you, with your daily journey starting as as you step onto a light and bright ferry, gliding at speed through the ocean, leaving the path behind you untouched. ​​
All over the world, the dolphin –orin Maori Pāpahu– is renowned for its power and grace, silently carving through water faster and with less effort than any other creature of the deep. The Pāpahu Alliance is bringing the same spirit to ferry design – creating powerful, battery electric and hydrogen-ready hybrid ferries that will speed across our harbours quieter, smarter and cleaner than any thing before.

Electric Ferry Network

This is an opportunity to build and operate the world’s first large-scale, fully electric fast ferry network, right here in Aotearoa. On this journey we will set out to transform fleets from diesel-power to electric, creating sustainable value through leadership in fast ferry IP, design and build, operation, ultimately establishing a green transportation export industry of global significance.​

Is led by Fullers360, EV Maritime and Vector Energy, supported by ATEED, Priority One, Hamilton Jet, McMullen & Wing, McKay and Q-West. Together we are an alliance determined to transform the Auckland and Tauranga water transport systems through collaboration in a fully electric fleet. ​

The alliance will see New Zealand’s innovators come together and deliver a new class of vessel, paving the way for an all-new green ferry experience.​

EV Maritime exists to focus deep marine industry experience on the foremost challenge of our time: climate change.
Reimagining the future of ferry travel for New Zealanders and visitors alike, Fullers360 connects locals, visitors, businesses and communities.
Vector is leading the transformation of the energy sector to create a new energy future.

Value creation

Leading the way to a carbon-zero future
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Delivering cutting-edge maritime technology
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Connecting communities through an expanded network
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economic recovery
Unlocking growth through future-focused infrastructure
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regional development
Investing and developing regional New Zealand
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Providing world-class visitor experiences and enhancing our clean, green brand
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Export potential
Exporting Kiwi innovation to the world
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The Journey so far

In 2018, Fullers360 launched the Gulf2025 strategy to articulate its ambition to grow a larger, more effective water transport network that expands commuter offerings and grows the Auckland tourism sector. Gulf2025 provided the catalyst for accelerating research and development into e-ferries. Over the last two years, and following considerable investment by Fullers360 and EV Maritime, the design, application and business case for a new generation of sustainable marine transportation is complete. ​

Fullers360 was poised to embark on a new hybrid project prior to COVID-19. An alliance of future-focused like-minded organisations have come together to bring forward the future of ferry travel.

The construction of new fully electric, and hybrid vessels, is ready to start in 2020.

Find out more about Gulf2025

Future focused technology

Harnessing New Zealand’s globally renowned marine technology, engineering, design and boat building industry, this alliance will usher-in a new era in fast passenger ferry transportation.

These ferries will operate at higher speeds than electric ferries developed elsewhere in the world, using less energy, and delivering greater resilience.

Drawing on America’s Cup hydrodynamic and structural engineering, these new vessels deliver the performance and resilience we expect from diesel fast ferries, with significant advances in efficiency, customer experience, reliability and environmental impact.

Like Team New Zealand, RocketLab and other world-leading New Zealand enterprises, EV Maritime utilises advanced composite construction in its battery electric fast ferries to deliver strong, stiff, light and long-lasting structures. The backbone of electric and hybrid ferries is their power systems, and EV Maritime has partnered with New Zealand’s leading engineering innovators to develop this electric fast ferry solution.

Showcasing world leading technology on our doorstep, tihs alliance will provide the steppingstone to take New Zealand green transportation technology to the world.

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